Housing Authority

  • John J. McCullough III, Chairman
    Term expires: 2015
  • Edward Larson, Vice Chairman
    Term expires: 2019
  • Steve Coble, Member
    Term expires: 2018
  • Christine Zern, Member
    Term expires: 2017
Mission Statement
The mission of the Montpelier Housing Authority is to promote, provide and preserve safe, decent and affordable housing in ways that support families, neighborhoods, and economic self-sufficiency.

About the Housing Authority
The Montpelier Housing Authority is a local, independent government agency that has served our community for 39 years. Our 5 member Board of Commissioners is appointed by the City Council with Commissioners serving staggered 5-year terms. The Board employs an Executive Director and staff to oversee its operations. As a local independent agency, we are not a City department. We are funded entirely by federal funds and management fees paid by the properties that we manage. No local or state funds are received to operate our programs.
The Pioneer Apartment buildings with blooming trees


The Authority operates a wide variety of programs in its continuing effort to meet the need for affordable housing. We own and manage Pioneer and Gould Apartments. We also serve as managing agent for Lane Shops Apartments, Cummings Street Apartments, Prospect Place and 2 projects for Washington County Mental Health: a group home on Street Paul Street and a small apartment house on Prospect Street in Montpelier. In addition, we administer the Section 8 Existing Program which totals 122 vouchers.

We also administer a home ownership option to our Section 8 participants. Working with the Central Vermont Homeownership Center, this option allows Section 8 tenants to use their vouchers to help pay their mortgage and other pertinent housing expenses. To date, we have had 4 closings under this option. A total of 310 units of affordable housing are provided through these programs.

Pioneer Apartments

This summer we received ARRA Capital Funds for Pioneer Apartments which enabled us to replace 4 thirty 6 year old exit doors. We also replaced the ceiling light fixtures in the sixty apartments with brighter emergency efficient lights. We are currently soliciting proposals to install a solar hot water system with the balance of the funds.

The Capital City Housing Foundation (CCHF) continues sponsorship of the meals site at Pioneer Apartments. This program has operated continuously since 1973. The Senior Meals Program serves weekday noon meals to the elderly and disabled, along with weekend frozen meals on Fridays for those who need them. They also provide home deliveries to our elderly/disabled buildings and those living near the meals site. Please call 223-6357 for more information.

Heaton Woods Residential Care

Our nonprofit CCHF renovated Heaton Woods, an affordable residential care facility. Heaton Woods is a tremendous asset to the community. Three years ago, a generous gift from the Roselli family enabled us to add 5 more rooms when we renovated the 3rd floor bringing the total number of rooms to 46. The public is welcome any time to tour the facility or visit with the residents. Please call 802-223-1157 if you have questions.

Program Funding Information

The Montpelier Housing Authority is committed to paying our fair share toward City expenses. All projects owned or managed by MHA and CCHF pay full water and sewer charges, including the sewer benefit. Cummings Street, Prospect Place, Lane Shops, 7 Street Paul Street group home and the Washington County Mental Health Prospect Street property paid a total of $111,799.28 in property taxes and sewer benefits for the 2008 - 2009 tax year.

Pioneer Apartments paid $2,042.40 in sewer benefit and $11,042.61 in PILOT. Gould paid $528 in sewer benefit and $2,500 in PILOT.

The authority works cooperatively with City Departments and other non profits, especially the Planning and Development Office and the Central Vermont Community Land Trust. The Executive Director also serves on the Montpelier Housing Task Force and the Washington County Continuum of Care.

The authority strives to maintain a high level of service to our tenants and the Montpelier community. Please feel free to call our office at 802-229-9232 if we can be of service to you.