Information for Candidates

Requirements & Filing Deadlines

  1. Petitions need to be filled out showing your name, the office, and term for which you are running. This information needs to be on each page of your petition. You must also submit a consent form to the City Clerk's Office. It would be helpful if the consent form was submitted at the same time you file your petitions:

  2. Your petition must contain no fewer than 25 names of registered voters in the City of Montpelier. If you are running for the position of Council Member in one of the city's 3 council districts, the names you collect must be from that council district. You must also reside in that district. A voter shall not sign more than one petition for the same office (the 1st signature turned in counts).
  3. If there is competition for any office, the Board of Civil Authority will draw lots for placement of candidates' names on the ballot. You can check with the City Clerk's Office for the time and place of that meeting.
  4. The exact deadlines for this year's petition are (for the 2017 Town Meeting Day of March 7):

    • No earlier than Thursday, January 26, 2017
    • No later than February 5, 2017 (as this is a Sunday, the drop box in the rear of City Hall may be used).
  5. If you raise or spend $500 or more, open a campaign bank account, or make a mass media expenditure of $500 or more, campaign finance filings are required to be filed with the Secretary of State.